Drones for Beginners

The most exciting invention in recent years has got to be the drone. With advances in technology, the drone is slowly edging its way into our everyday life. The day will soon come when they become an indispensable commodity not only for businesses but for homeowners and hobbyists as well.

Looking at it from the consumer’s point of view, interest in the little machine is growing, and today, anyone with a bit know how can handle a drone.

The US Government predicts there will be over 600,000 Drones flying by the end of 2016

Six basics you should know about drones

  • The flight time - This is a point to consider as you will be able to judge how long your drone will be able to stay in the air. The longer the time, the better it is. Keep extra batteries if you want to extend your flight time.
  • The matter of speed - This will tell you how fast your drone will be when it is flying.
  • The range of your drone - Range is a very important factor to consider when you make your purchase. The range will tell you how far your drone will travel before it loses its contact with the controller.
  • About the on-board camera - Most drones include a camera on board. If not, there will be a mount where your camera can be attached. This is a feature you should opt for.
  • Types of controller - It can be an RC app or a hardware controller. You will find both of them are equally exciting, so go with what you fancy.
  • Bringing the drone back home - The feature ‘return home’ will tell your drone it’s time to head back. This is a very useful feature and convenient to use.

Selecting the right drone

Here are a few points you should keep in mind when you start thinking of drones.

  • It is not easy to fly a drone. And that is why it makes good sense to buy a better quality drone even if you do end up paying a little more. You may have noticed that the most expensive drones fly better, and are easy to control. Some of the easiest drones to fly are the MOTA, 3DR SOLOA, the Phantom 3 and the Q500 4K.
  • All drones are not necessarily ready to fly. So when you go shopping for one search for one that suits your needs. You will find drones that are RTF or ready to fly; or BNF which means bind and fly. This type of drone comes without a controller. The controller will, however, be available separately.
  • ARF stands for almost ready to fly. These drones will have to be assembled and different components will have to be purchased separately.

Buying a drone is not easy. There are a lot of things to consider before making a purchase. But once you have made your purchase, you are in for an exciting time.