10 ways to use a drone

          If a drone was able to feel human emotions, it would get very mad hearing that for many people it is just a high technology toy. A flying camera, since Apple or Samsung smartphones did not learn to fly and take pictures yet. Selfie stick is an old school now and drones concur the technology market. But hey, they can perform much more than that! So, since we offer cheap drones at the best deals, let’s see what they can actually do.

1. Archeologist. Sounds strange isn’t it? But last year the GoPro drone discovered an ancient 1000-years old village in New Mexico. How? Thermal imager showed cold areas into the sand, so archeologists managed to find the ruins. That is the proper use of technology!

2. Last year NASA and Project Tango specialists created special drones, which are able to help astronauts in zero gravity conditions. Here we should say one thanks to Google and their AR-reality developments that help in navigating the drone with 3D space models.

3. Internet providers. Imagine that in near future we will have Wi-Fi signal all around the world! How? Flying drones working on solar panels plus lasers and space satellites. That sounds unbelievable but Google already bought the Titan Aerospace company, which claimed to cover the entire planet with Internet. The only thing left is to teach the solar panels drones to fly and we will be able to enjoy the best technology gift everywhere.

4. First aid. We all know drone as a little quadrocopter but MTI specialists has a different opinion – they developed an innovative mini helicopter drones, which are perfect for transportation of food and medicaments transportation. So now, people in Africa will receive their help by flying technology miracle.

5. Delivery. Imagine that you order a pizza and in a few minutes, a drone knocks your door. Meanwhile, that already happens in USA, where Domino’s Pizza uses its own DomiCopters for faster delivery. Amazon and Alibaba seem to be jealous – they fight the bureaucracy with Google assistance, in order to prove that drone delivery is legal.

6. How about drone measuring radioactive and electromagnetic radiation and noise level? Now the construction process can be very safe – just let the drone to check everything before the even the building base is ready.

7. Advertiser. We are sure you would visit a restaurant if a drone would advertise it. Asian chain of restaurants Wokker thought so as well and created 10 drones for marketing purposes – they fly around business centers with banners during the launch time. Who will say no to visit the restaurant they promote?

8. Waiter. In our opinion, this job should be done by robots from long time ago. They are fast, can carry more food at once and do not need tips. Infinium Robotics were developed at Singapore and have special infrared sensors and computer program. They can carry 2 kg of food and drinks at once and already help in Yo Sushi restaurant in London and many places in Singapore.

9. Patrol officer. No, wait, a patrol drone. They already control costs in Australia and soon will be used in India. Now you can sleep well – drones will guarantee your safeness during day and night.

10. Journalist. Actually, that is the most logical way to use a drone, since they can fly and take pictures. In University of Missouri, USA, future journalists already attend a course of drones controlling. Meanwhile, paparazzi already use them without any permission or certificate. Modern technology is really amazing. A drone, which was initially developed for taking videos and pictures and entertain us, is able to do so many things! Therefore, if you are amazed like us, get inspired to check our best deals: top drones for kids and amateurs, drones with cameras and 4K videos (some models also have an auto return option) and commercial drones for professionals. And let every house to have a drone!